Local government report tabled in parliament

The Corruption and Crime Commission Report on the Review of the Capacity of Local Governments in the Pilbara to Prevent, Identify and Deal with Misconduct was tabled in Parliament on Tuesday April 16, 2013.

The review, which took place between 2010 and 2012, was not commissioned in response to any allegations of misconduct.

Its purpose was to review, in light of perceived risks, the capacity of all four Pilbara local governments (Shire of Ashburton, Town of Port Hedland, Shire of East Pilbara and Shire of Roebourne) to prevent, identify and deal with misconduct, with a focus on evaluating organisational systems, processes and practices.

Port Hedland Mayor Kelly Howlett said The Town of Port Hedland respects the role of the CCC.

“This review process heightened awareness of the risks inherent in communities such as ours, which are at the height of growth and development pressure in the Pilbara region,” she said.

“In the report, the Town of Port Hedland was identified as being one of the more advanced local governments in the region, in terms of development of our capacity to prevent, identify and deal with misconduct.

“As an organisation, the Town of Port Hedland has worked diligently to address the risks identified in the review and to comply with the proposed recommendations.”

As part of the review, the Town of Port Hedland submitted reports to the CCC, outlining planned and undertaken work by the Town to address exposure to potential misconduct, and information about how the Town is developing effective misconduct management strategies and systems.

These submissions, as well as the CCC report can be downloaded from the Town of Port Hedland’s website.

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