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006St Luke’s College media students have produced an autobiographical short film being screened as part of the Art Gallery of Western Australia’s Perspectives Exhibition that is running in Perth up to June 30.

Exhibition pieces were chosen from art, visual art and media works completed by Year 12 students at schools across Western Australia.

The St Luke’s students impressed judges by producing their film from start to finish, scripting, filming and editing it under the supervision of media

teacher Jez Obern.

The student’s undertook the project as part of the school’s Media Production and Analysis course.

St Luke’s principal Thomas Kavanagh said the school was proud of the efforts of teacher Obern and the students and said understanding the way the media worked was an important life skill.

“Media is without doubt one of the most important elements in everyone’s life,” Principal Kavanagh said.

“Society is subjected to an

array of communication, which can alter the course of events in the world.”

“The essence [of our course in media analysis] is to educate our students to clearly understand how information is made public and how to discern what is worth considering or not.”

Principal Kavanagh said the Media Production and Analysis course had been growing in popularity in recent years and the school was keen to help its students produce more successful film productions in the future.

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