Man removed from Qantas flight: Hedland

A man had to be forcibly removed from an aircraft in Port Hedland and is now being dealt with by Federal Police after refusing to leave the plane.

Port Hedland Police said they received the call for help on Saturday July 6 when a man refused to leave the Qantas flight after being told he was too intoxicated to fly.

Police said the 31-year-old man was late to board the evening flight and rushed through security.

When the man made it to the

plane he was asked to leave but took his seat and refused.

The captain then asked the man to leave the aircraft, but he still refused, which is when police had to intervene.

The man continued to cause a scene through the terminal and was eventually charged with two counts of obstructing police for an incident at the front of the airport.

Local police said the incident on the aircraft is being dealt with by Federal Police under the aviation act, and it is likely the man will receive an infringement and a possible 12-month ban from Qantas.

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One thought on “Man removed from Qantas flight: Hedland

  1. That isn’t even a Qantas run aircraft…. It is a charter aircraft run by Cobham. Not a Qantas run aircraft, crew or pilot.