The Peace Train is coming through the Pilbara

DARREN COGGAN PEACE TRAIN-1Darren Coggan, an exceptional musician in his own right, will be touring through Western Australia’s north with Peace Train – The Cat Stevens Story in April.

The gig is more than just music, with a theatrical story woven through the set telling the incredible life story of music legend Cat Stevens, known these days as Yusuf Islam.

At the height of his career in the 1970s, Cat Stevens, had everything a musician could want – chart-topping melodies, money and fame.

But suddenly he took his last bow and “quit” music.

Coggan traces Cat Stevens’ path with Peace Train.

“I would often cover Cat Stevens in my own shows and it was those songs people would come up to me and talk about and it happened so frequently that just out of curiosity I started researching the life of Cat Stevens,” Coggan said.

“In doing so I was intrigued and came across the fascinating story of a man’s journey to personal discovery.

“He’s one of the most prolific song writers of our time with a great catalogue of songs and equally inspiring stories to go along with it, I thought it would make a great show.

Coggan said Cat Stevens’ songs are timeless with a message of peace and understanding and that those messages are still relevant in our world today. “Theses songs still clearly reach out and touch an audience so as a performer, that’s a gift,” Coggan said.

“The underlying theme of our show is we all have that ability to make changes in our lives and I think Cat Stevens is a great example of that.”

And Coggan said he often relates to Cat Stevens songs, favouriting songs Father and Son and Oh Very Young.

“I certainly can relate to this man and some of the things that have happened in his life, not everything, but certainly some of the connections are very strong.”

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