Hedland students in 150-piece band

Photo-06Five Hedland Senior High School students joined 154 other young musicians from around Western Australia to take part in a once-off big-band rehearsal in Perth on Friday August 16.

The students were taking part in the first Regional Mass Concert Band Rehearsal at Churchlands Senior High School Concert Hall.

The schools were in Perth to participate separately in the WA Schools’ Band Festival, and so the Churchlands’ rehearsal gave them the unique opportunity to come together for a short time to play as one group.

With most of the students coming from regional areas, it was the first time many had performed in such a large band and also the first time they had played in a concert hall.

There were 154 secondary students in all with 26 from Geraldton Senior College, 59 from John Willcock College, 27 from Narrogin SHS and 37 from Newton Moore SHS in addition to the Pilbara students.

Nicole Turner, the program coordinator for percussion (SIM) conducted the rehearsal on the day with amazing energy and enthusiasm and Bruce Herriman (principal at SIM), Kevin Fraser (deputy principal, SIM) and Tanya Chapman (Midwest and Pilbara support person, SIM) were also supporting on the day.

All the teachers that attended the rehearsal enjoyed the show and were hopeful it would become an annual event.

They said the students were very well behaved as they represented their schools with pride and the sound produced was stunning and powerful.



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