Design Considerations For Building A Granny Flat


Granny flats have traditionally been built for ageing parents, but today the granny flat is in hot demand for everyone from teenagers through to young couples, thanks to rising property prices in Sydney.

1. Make it seamless

Make a seamless connection between the main house and the flat by specifying similar building materials. Here, the fabric of choice is timber.

2. Add a path

Install a path to link the two dwellings, but separate the garden areas with a gate.

3. Divide the living room

Divide the living room from the kitchen with an L-shaped wall that cleverly houses the fridge and a bank of cabinets. White framed windows and doors on all sides of the floor plan, up high and down low, ensure the flat is flooded with natural light. Just add streamlined roller blinds for when you require privacy. 

4. Go for a neutral kitchen

There’s plenty of space to cook up a feast in a kitchen this size. Note how a well-curated collection of white finishes on the walls, cabinetry, benchtops, splashback and floor make this zone appear ultra spacious.

5. Make it feel like home

Add kitchen knick-knacks to make the granny flat feel like home.

6. Bathroom

For a mod look in the bathroom, go for tiles in pared-back tones and a glossy white vanity. Add colour with your towels or paintings.

7. Add a round table

A round table is a fab way to use limited space, and still allows you to comfortably host a couple of guests. As far as styling goes, hang your favourite artwork nearby to create a window into another world.

Source:  Better Homes and Gardens.

8. Engage a specialist builder

While you could buy a kit set granny flat, or design and selfbuild, what about hiring a company to do it for you?  It makes a lot of sense to use a specialist granny flat builder and if you live in Sydney, the Net Star team can recommend this Sydney Granny Flat Builder from first hand experience.