How can I explain surfing in one word? WOW! Surfing is the best “high” you will ever experience. This article will tell you about the special feelings that you will get once you get hooked on surfing. There are many ways to explain what surfing is all about. Here are a few.

Surfing is Aloha. Surfing is Freedom. Surfing is Living. Surfing is Stoke. Surfing is a Feeling. Surfing is Happiness. Surfing is like having a Love Affair. Surfing is in your Heart. Surfing is Love. Surfing is Wonderful. Surfing is God Given. Surfing is Life.

There are nearly as many expressions of surfing as there are watermen; the art of surfing is about the different elements that bring joy to each individual in the water. So, go surfing and get a real natural high!

You can experience the joy of surfing on just about any surfboard type or design. You can get the feeling of surfing from everything from a bodyboard to a skimboard, a wakeboard, a short surfboard, a long surfboard, a Standup Paddleboard, and even bodysurfing.

I love surfing and being in the water. I want to share this experience with you so that is why I am writing this article in hopes of getting someone excited about surfing.

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