If you’ve recently visited any major retail supplement store, you’ll notice that there are advent of about a million different products. Each section has its own array of products promising numerous benefits. Now the problem lies in that many of these products aren’t safe.

How do we know what we’re putting in our bodies is actually safe? Good question, there have been a ton of products pulled from the market because of safety issues. A few being some well known pre-workout supplements. These supplements have been know to include trace amounts of harmful drugs, so why is it they are allowed to be put on the market in the first place?

Makes you think right? Nowadays it seems like any manufacturing company can throw together a product and put it out for human consumption. Honestly, it makes me a bit nervous knowing that the supplement I’m taking could actually kill me instead of help me out.

Now herbal supplements aren’t 100 percent safe, some come with their risks, almost always it’s because of an interaction with another drug someones taking. But primarily they are MUCH safer than ingesting 100 different ingredients you have no clue about. At least with herbs you know what you are getting, and secondly they aren’t lab created, so you know they’re natural.

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