Bluewater Tackle Exmouth Fishing Report

Angler-Roger-Toma-aboard-On-Strike-with-a-Spaniard-taken-on-a-Strada-deep-diverThe sports action this week has been great with reports of boating enthusiasts hooking big GTs, mackerel and billfish.

Spring is firing and don’t we all love it!

The deep diving Strada lures have been the favourite for Spanish mackerel yet again this week.

And pictured in this fishing report’s photo is Roger Toma, who caught a Spanish mackerel onboard the On Strike vessel off the Muiron Islands.

The little blacks have still been in close off the tip of the cape, along with the sailfish and a smattering of bigger marlin.

Tuna seem to be in all places, and, if the weather is looking good, we recommend not missing the opportunity – get out there amongst it all.

The school holidays is here, and if you’re looking for something for the kids to do, there are plenty of options with fishing.

There is still one week left of the fishing clinics at the Exmouth Game fishing Club, so you could get the kids to join up this Saturday for two hours to have fun, meet others and learn more about fishing in the region.

Camping and fishing around the west side or in the gulf can be fun during these school holidays and although the night time temperatures have been a little low, it can still be very comfortable.

Nighttime fishing also opens up more doors and can have you enjoying quality time with the family waiting for that bite.

Spangled emperor are just one species that can be around after dark, along with trevally and the ever present shark or two.

The phosphorescence reflecting in the night light can be intriguing and nothing beats watching the sun set or rise over the water.

The best part is that there is generally no phone, Internet or power in such fishing and camping places, so you really can get some genuine restoration and relaxation, while also some friendship bonding.

If you are unable to get out and away for the holidays, there are plenty of options close to town and the marina is a fine example of variety for fishing and fish species.

You can sit and relax with a bait or walk and cast with a light outfit and small lures.

There always seems to be action in the marina with bait- schools, larger predatory fish cruising through, dolphins, sharks, ample mullet, and the resident bream, cod, jacks and occasional bluey.

The beaches on either side of the marina can be great too with whiting, squid and garfish usually found on the high tide.

The long walk out along the rockwalls can be adventurous, with some lucky anglers getting in to some bigger fish in the channels.

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